Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photo documentation for MFA Thesis Exhibition: "Pacific Objects," December 2009

"Jaws " scrim, plexiglass, and latex paint (2009)

"Nightingale (Fort Leaton)" scrim, polyester foam, latex paint, fluorescent lights, and 8 1/2 minute audio loop (2009)

"Air Traffic (Richter Scales)" 4 channel, 8 1/2 minute video installation (2009)

"Reflectors (Emerald and Ruby)" gels and mylar on panel (2009)

My MFA thesis exhibition titled "Pacific Objects" comprised four works in four spaces--"Jaws," "Nightingale (Fort Leaton)," "Air Traffic (Richter Scales)," and "Reflectors (Emerald and Ruby)." See subsequent posts for additional images.

More than thanks goes to the following individuals who without them my show would not have been practically possible: Jennifer Walchli Lowman, Charles Lowman, Michael Ned Holte, Matthew Paweski, John Kuhl, Matthew Grover, Sarah Rose, Kevin Norman and Seb Bailey.

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